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Fiber reinforced composites, mainly composed by fibers and resins, are widely used in many applications (wind blades, boats, planes, some cars...) and its use is increasing 12% every year. However these materials, besides these good characteristics, have three main problems. Composites are causing a high environmental impact, they are very hard to recycle and a high management cost. Composites producers pay a high price mainly due to the high prices of the carbon fibers. Waste generators pay high management cost (700€/Tn waste), and they are not complying with the European Union's recommendations on circular economy. That’s the reason why composite materials are nowadays dump in landfills, wasting a valuable resource and causing a global environmental problem.


TRC, S.L. offers a technology providing a valid environmental management alternative for composites, using a unique process (R3FIBER). R3FIBER can manage the waste at a lower price, 34% cheaper (460 €/Tn), avoiding the dumping into landfills, and transforming this waste into products. On the other hand, thanks to this tech, TRC can provide composite companies, fibers with a lower price than the commercial ones, at least 25% lower (5,600 €/Tn carbon fiber), and with good performance, >70% of the initial mechanical properties, up to 90%. These recycled fibers avoid the production of new ones, reducing the carbon footprint.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

The use of this tech will save a high amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, avoiding the manufacturing of new fibers. In 5 years TRC tech will save 26 MTons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Market size and analysis

With an annual growth of more than 12% and a global market of 2.5 billion euros, composites are one of the materials of the future. Companies pay high prices for fibers, especially carbon ones, moreover, these fibers have a high carbon footprint.
TRC has started its implementation in the wind sector (our Beachhead market). Wind industry has generated 300,000 blades in EU, that are already dumped in landfills and every year wind industry generates around 40,000 blades more.


In just 18 months, TRC has been positioned as one of the companies with the greatest growth potential in the cleantech area. TRC has received the seal of excellence of the European Commission, and has a full operation pilot plant. The company has signed a collaboration agreement with EDP (3rd world wind company) and has started to recycle the first blades. At the same time, TRC has received the proposal to recycle 249 wind turbine blades from other wind companies.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Oriol Grau CEO Degree in Business Administration, MBA. 15 years’ experience in management.
Ruth Castellar CFO Master Degree on Account Management and Management Control, 19 years’ experience in management.
Felix López COO PhD in Chemistry. 25 years’ experience in researching and developing.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

The investment needs are 300.000 € that will be used to build the pre- industrial plant of 100 Tn/year nominal capacity.

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