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Fixed electrical appliances, e.g. electrical heating, water heaters, AC, have no smart control and use most of our electricity. These appliances run at constant settings, regardless if you are at home or not. This lack of functionality causes a number of customer pains:
• Lack of comfort: Often it gets too hot or too cold
• High energy cost
• Not possible to e.g. turn on heating before arriving to a holiday home


Tempiro delivers control of major appliances in homes through smart fuses and other smart control units, connected to Tempiro back-end and giving the user control of desired comfort through our app.
• Reducing the energy cost by estimated 15-20%.
• Better indoor comfort using our smart thermostat, both for heating and cooling.
• Convenience of remote control, allowing the customer to be in control of when appliances are actually used. Turning on heating or e.g. sauna remotely before coming home.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

Tempiro offers a unique patent pending hardware design, that allows "invisible" integration into fuse boxes and breaker boxes with a completely wireless installation. The devices connect to the Tempiro cloud solution and provides a number of advantages:
• Control of any electric load: heating, cooling, ventilation, lights, eCar, fans etc.
• Turn off any number of devices with the push of a button leaving home.
• Lower cost of installation
• Retrofit into any existing property

Market size and analysis

Specifically, in the Nordics there are two main customer segments:
• Homes with electrical heating built before 1990; Scandinavia: 2,000,000 homes with market value of €200M.
• Holiday Homes. Scandinavia: 1,250,000 holiday homes with market value of €190M.
According to “Statista Digital Market Outlook” the current market for Integrated Smart Home Solutions in Europe is $894M, growing by 32.1 % yearly. European market expected to be $3,6M by 2022.


30+ trial installations, 50+ preorders, sales of €200+ through partners. Market launch Q3 2018.

Core Team

• Software development: 3 Inhouse resources
• Electronics development: 2 Inhouse resources
• Marketing resources: 2 Inhouse resources
First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Magnus Lindström CEO 15 years in the Energy business as Product Manager @ E.ON
Johan Lindén CTO HW 10 years @ Ericsson, PCB Design & amp; Product Manager
Muhamet Ademi CTO SW Full stack developer, brilliant programmer

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

Seeking €100k to achieve following milestones:
• Q4 2018: Market launch in Sweden and Finland in cooperation with E.ON, Kjell o Co and eKaista. Use case focus: Electric heating control, Electric boiler control and Holiday home control. Target: 500 users by end of 2018.
• Q1 – Q2 2019: Launch in Norway. Find more partners in Sweden and Finland. Add use cases to app for security, surveillance and remote monitoring.

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