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For consumers: There are no great places to buy refurbished products. Current solutions, lack either a wide product range or a competitive prices. Additionally, consumers are unaware of the concept of refurbishment and other platforms do not explain the concept well enough.

For merchants: they have no marketing expertise so they need to rely on other distribution channels. Furthermore, there is no focused marketplace that educates consumers and helps market growth.


B2C marketplace that connects consumers and merchants. Merchants can list their products on our platform that Consumers can purchase. The Merchant delivers the product to the consumer; we do not handle the product and have no working capital risk. Our commission on the sale of the products is 5-10%. We control the quality of merchants and compare prices; which makes it easier for consumers to choose the right product.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

- Fastest e-commerce site on the market
- Strong networks in the refurbisment industry (co-founder, former Head of Refurbished Products for Amazon in Germany)
- Deep consumer insights
- Technical integration of key merchants (stock, order synchronisation)

Market size and analysis

The global refurbished products market is worth €50 bn and will grow to €100bn in 2022. The market in Germany is worth €1.5 bn and will grow to €2.5-3 bn in 2022. The market is very fragmented with the largest player having 8-10% market share.


Sold products worth more than €1.5 m , growth of 50% per month in the first year.

Core Team

Kilian Kaminski, former head of the refurbished program at amazon in Germany; responsible for supply. Peter Windischhofer, former McKinsey consultant (e-commerce & marketplaces); responsible for demand & strategy Jürgen Riedl, former CTO of weavly & capsule FM, tech genius; responsible for IT.
First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Jürgen Riedl CTO Experienced CTO, tech genius.
Kilian Kaminski Founder Former head of refurbished products at Amazon.
Peter Windischhofer Founder Former McKinsey consultant.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

€2m primarily for growth in Germany, Austria & Poland.

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