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Seafloor monitoring is slow, subjective and expensive. Our technology ensures seafloor maps are obtained in days rather than months. Customer segments include the underwater inspection industry (i.e., construction), research institutes and universities; but our focus lies with environmental consultancies.


PlanBlue has an intelligent underwater camera that can quickly create seafloor maps, which are objective and up to 75% cheaper than those obtained via traditional seafloor monitoring. Our camera can be operated by anyone, and is used to inspect underwater constructions, conduct environmental impact analyses, identify organisms important for medicine research and helps explore the unknown 95% of our oceans.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

Our technology is based on a unique machine-learning algorithm, which allows our camera to identify anything present on the seafloor whilst being objective. Maps created can be colour-coded interactively, so that anyone can understand the health status of the seafloor, where best (not) to build etc. We establish a unique Seafloor database of maps that is partially open-source, which can also be used by future technologies to, i.e. to determine the effects of climate change.

Market size and analysis

The international underwater inspection industry is a large market with a total value up to $63 billion (growth of 9.65% per year). We currently focus primarily on environmental consultancies (total market size: $13 billion; growth of 4.4% per year).


Two paying customers, currently establishing partnership with an environmental consultancy. Also multiple pilots and projects

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Joost den Haan CEO Has worked in seafloor monitoring industry.
Raja Kandukuri Head of hardware Highly qualified Electrical and Mechanical Engineer.
Guy Rigot Head of software Expert in software development, worked on Meteosat Satellites.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

The investment is required to make the camera prototype ready for serial production (both hardware and software) starting early 2019. Feedback obtained from our paying customers this summer is incorporated for product realisation. We plan to expand our engineering team with two new members.

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