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Parametric Support


The real estate developers look forward to maximizing their ROI. The
choice of the proper location often can determinate the ROI. The
value and the potential of the plot are described by characteristics
of the property (views, shape, sun access) characteristics of the location (proximity to amenities, accessibility) and characteristics
of the environment (greenery, noise & air pollution). Currently the analysis of the appraisal of plots is conducted manually by assessors inside the real estate companies. The traditional apprise of a plot is time consuming and doesn’t give the full information about the plot attributes. Manual analysis doesn’t give a guarantee of the best possible choice.


On contrary to the traditional practice, ROI CHECK KIT™ evaluates several plots within one click. Comparing plot key characteristics regarding location, its properties and environment such as: accessibility, attractiveness (closeness to the selected amenities), noise pollution, profitability of the investments in the neighborhood, quality of environment and views. The hedonic method is used to measure the relative importance – through use of regression analyses – of these independent ‘explanatory’ variables on property value. ROI CHECK KIT™ gives the real estate investors a guarantee of the best choice of the plot under considered by them factors.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

A) We combine the all data to esteem plot potential with Hedonic Regression model
B) We provide an overall score which guarantees to find the most prospective plot (the best value proposition) for the real estate investment – enrichment of ROI

Market size and analysis

Parametric Support operates in the global construction market which generates a revenue of 10 trillion €. Our target customers
are real estate investors and hotel groups developing hotels. There is approximately 130 000 new hotels openings every year world
widely. We estimate that around the Europe more than 80 000 locations are analyzed for a new hotel development.


At the moment we are funding from the EXIST stipendium. We have a MVP of ROI CHECK KIT™, tool. We plan to launch it with basics functionality in January 2018. The acquisition of the hotel groups (Accor) as a paid pilot customer will allow us the further development of the tool with the customer funds.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Adrian Kreżlik CEO a practising architect and a creative entrepreneur with 6 years of postgraduate experience
Judyta Cichocka COO COO, researcher, Architectural Design Optimization Expert, project leader, tutor at the most renown conferences
Agata Migalska CTO an IT specialist with 9 years of experience in programming and team management, a PhD(c) in computer science

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