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MASH Biotech


The maritime sector is due to a count for 17% of global CO2 emissions by 2050 if left unregulated, due to reliance on fossil fuel oil. Until now Sulphur emissions have been regulated in some shipping zones restricting fuel choices but further environmental regulation is inevitable. Large shipping companies are eager to move to bio-oil but this is currently unfeasible due to the following three factors:
The cost of bio-oil is too high and since fuel is often by far the biggest opex item for shipping companies, this is critical.
The global supply/availability of bio-oil is too low.
The acidity level of bio-oils are too high for ship engines.


MASH Biotech are capable of producing and selling bio-oil at a price per MJ competitive with the current fossil oils. The fuels meet the marine fuel requirements with low Sulphur, acidity number, viscosity and high flashpoint. When producing the bio-oil the reactor will also generate a bio-char, which will be replanted, sequestering huge amounts of Carbon. For every ton of MASH oil used by the shipping company, its CO2 footprint is reduced by 8 tons.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

MASH Biotech have become experts in analyzing feedstock and developing low cost pyrolysis equipment to meet the requirements of the marine fuel market. The extremely low cost and compact reactors are designed to process 15tons/day of dried biomass. The reactor will fit into a shipping container and transported to the location of the feedstock. The oil generated will be delivered to the nearest port for bunkering. The feedstocks targeted are low value wastes that need to be dealt with and have the blessing of local communities to be harvested/bought and used. For the most expensive feedstock (0,5dkk/kg) the payback time for a fully utilized reactor is just 4 months.

Market size and analysis

The major shipping companies can purchase 10M Tons of fuel annually. Once gaining a contract with a major shipping company MASH who will agree to purchase all MASH produced oil, no further sales efforts will be required. Regarding biomass, the top 2 biomass identified will be able to meet the demand.


Fuel has been generated from 3 abundant feedstocks and sold for above 1,9dkk/kg. Large purchase orders for fuel have been gained from two major maritime companies. Fuel data sheets have confirmed the fuel to be compliant. One major company is currently analyzing a sample of the fuel. For the first target feedstock a 20% scale reactor has been successfully built and tested.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
J. Andersen CEO Serial Tech Entrepreneur, 10 years experience
Prof. T. Howard CTO Mech.Eng.
Dr. K. Chakravarty CSciO Chemical Eng.

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