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There are over 2 milion of retro vehicles in Europe. Every year emission standard are getting more strict. For the past 14 years emission of C02 for motorbikes went from 13g/km to 1g/km. City authorities in Paris already banned vehicles owners which are over 10 years old to enter city limits. Oslo, Hamburg, Barcelona, Amsterdam are following this path. None of the retro vehicles which are over 25 years old meet any C02 or N02 emission standard, and it is impossible to estimate their climate impact. Current solution is to place entry bans for old vehicles.


Electric retro bike/moped. 100% electric free of any pollutions. Allowing every retro vehicle lover to use and enjoy it in every day duties without concerns when entering the city centers. With its top range of 100 km and speed of up to 25 km/h, can be sold to everyone as a regular bicycle. Its shape and design origins from the golden era of boardtrack bikes.

Market size and analysis

Sales of electric bikes in Europe has grown from 98 000 in 2006 to 907 000 in 2013. Germany and Netherlands in 2016 generated the sale of over 700 000 e-bikes with intention to grow.


Official sale of Kosynier will start 2nd quarter 2018. Team have developed working prototype. With the help of local authorities and busines angel, Kosynier Team raised over 200 000 eur necessary to start the production of first 50 bikes along with EU Certificate for e bikes. Kosynier presaled already 7 units to direct customers and is approached by distributors from England, Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Belgium with demand of 50 units per month.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Marcin Bielawski Co-Founder over 10 years of experience in public relations in private television sector
Michał Bielawski Co-Founder handscraft coordinator.
Mateusz Przystał Co-Designer of Ferrari 488gtb interior.

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