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Humphry Marine


Conventional boat engines run on fossil fuels and are very noisey. They emit considerable amounts of greenhouse gases and pollutants during fuel combustion. Moreover, combustion engines suffer from low efficiencies, leading to a high demand of primary energy. On the other hand, battery-powered boats suffer from low energy capacity and weigh more. Due to environmental issues and tightened diesel restrictions, future propulsion systems need to be emission-free to significantly reduce climate impact in this sector, allowing for sustainable maritime mobility.


Humphry Marine creates a propulsion system based on fuel cells that is: emissions free, highly efficient and powerful. The product consists of a power module and an intelligent controller. The power module contains the electric components (fuel cell, power electronics and sensors). The controller provides the intelligence, by managing the components, and by analysing the data from the sensors. We will also maintain our customers' needs for hydrogen, by offering an integrated fueling solution.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

- Clean maritime propulsion: zero emissions, no CO2, no NOX, no pollutants.
- Flexibility: variable set up of modules to fit various boat types.
- Speed & Range: comparable to diesel, up to 8 x range compared to batteries (with given space).
- Fast Refueling: 17 x faster than batteries, similar to diesel.
- Easy to use: automatic control of components for lowest energy consumption.
- Improved comfort: low noise, low vibration, no smell.
- Agility: improved acceleration and breaking due to high torque of e-motors.

Market size and analysis

Our target market is the boat engine market (up to 600kW) which is worth €8bn. Studies reveal that about one third of boat engine are expected to be electric by 2027, meaning a €3bn serviceable market for us. The initial target market is the high-end leisure boat market, where consumers are prone to be early adopters of zero-emission boats. Hydrogen powered boats have been launched as a result of research projects, but never been commercialised. Competitors could be producers focusing on battery technologies, although their field of applications is relatively limited.


Our prototype will be tested from July 2018 in Berlin waters. Also 2 pilot projects with actual customers, planned for 2019. Currently we are establishing partnerships with boat manufacturers to set up a first series of humphry powered boats.

Core Team

We are a cross-disciplinary team of: naval architects; automotive, energy and industrial engineers; software developers and management advisors from world-leading high-tech companies. Together we combine all skills necessary to make our propulsion system a market success.
First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Moritz Weißenborn CEO MSc Vehicle Engineering | Experience in electric drive-train development and battery technology from companies like DLR; where he designed a test bench and the testing routines for Li-Ion batteries.
Georg Wesolowski CTO MSc Naval Architecture; BSc Computer Science | Experties in ship efficiency and alternative propulsion systems. 8 years of work experience as an IT-consultant and web developer.
Malte Grapentin CFO MSc Industrial Engineering & Management | Experience in energy monitoring and software development projects. Due to his island background he is familiar with every kind of maritime application.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

The investment will be used to further develop our product from prototype level to market readiness. Also for, preparation and launching the pilot projects with actual customers.

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