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20 billion EUR worth of energy wasted in Europe every year because of none or not efficient thermal energy storage. It is not only energy, money, but a huge amount of green-house gas emission needlessly. This is mainly the pain of the office/factory buildings and data centres. Now we store heat in wa- ter buffer tanks, but they are too big, too expensive and not energy efficient enough, furthermore the maximum size is limited, that’s why it is not possible to use them in data centres and large office/factory buildings!


HeatTANK is our hardware innovation, a thermal energy storage tank based on phase change material technology. It can stores heat in almost 90% smaller size, can save 20-40% energy, can decrease the emission of green- house gases by 30-50%, with a quick ROI between 0,5-3 years. We have a pend- ing patent and working on more, we have a 5 year know-how and an optimiza- tion algorithm (technical and price-value optimization as well), without it Heat- TANK wouldn’t work optimally and ROI would increase remarkably.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

For every system there is a design period, where we opti- mize more than 30 factors to the exact system (it is a quick process with our optimization software), order the parts and build the components into the sys- tem. Afterwards we monitor the system and if needed we optimize the opera- tion further to get the most energy saving possible.

Market size and analysis

5 billion EUR is spent on thermal energy storages in Europe every year. This is expected to increase due to the fact that our solution can open the gates for larger scale energy storage (data centres, huge office/factory buildings). Our beachhead market is the cooling systems of data centres and office build- ings in Budapest, Hungary. After the pilot projects we can spread HeatTANKs in the companies’ networks who helped in pilots and also we can start projects at other companies, countries and continents.
Later we can expand the market with the segments of heating-, renewable en- ergy systems and industrial processes.
Business model: At the beginning it is simple: HeatVentors sells HeatTANK to data centre/office building owners. We will be cash flow positive by the middle of 2018.
Later we have more plans: 1) Continue the beginning model and bringing the product to market by ourselves, 2) Bringing HeatTANK to market collaborating with distributors, 3) Licensing/selling the technology and know-how.


14 international scientific publica- tions ! won startup competitions (WSC, Nestlé Demoday, MVM Edison, Falling Walls, Climate-KIC Demo- day) ! 112 PR articles/interviews

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Rita Farkas CEO Energy process engineer MSc. 5 years R&D experience in thermal energy storage systems, 1,5 years ex- perience in marketing and sales.
Zoltán Andrássy CTO HVAC engineer PhD studies 6 years R&D experience with phase change materials and thermal energy storages

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