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Gazelle Tech


Nowadays cars stands for 50% of air pollution in cities and 20% of world energy consumption. World car fleet will double in the next 20years, essentially due to growth in emerging countries. These countries currently use imported out of age cars because new cars are too expensive due to import taxes (up to 75%).
How can we face this gazoline consumption increase with natural ressources depletion? How can we produce cars in these poorly industrialized countries ?


Gazelle Tech designs cars which consumes twice less energy and can be assembled locally in micro-factories made of containers. These micro- factories are supplied by spare parts containers, avoiding expensive final products import taxes. They can be installed within few months, and are profitable over 100 cars /year.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

75% of car energy consumption is due to their weight. That’s why we developped a full composites chassis which enable our cars to be 2 times lighter while keeping comfort and security. Moreover this chassis is only composed of 10 parts which can be assembled within 1h without any tool. This is our secret sauce for competitive local car assembly.

Market size and analysis

Our 1rst car is dedicated to emerging countries professionals for people transport such as taxi or authorities fleet. Their 1rst cost center is gaz comsumption which directly impact their rentability. Consuming 40% less energy will enables them to save around 1000€/year, improving their marges and air pollution in city centers.
Competition is low on these markets because they are too small for big companies to install large factories in each country. Our factory installation cost is about 10 times lower.
Partnering with local entrepreneurs enable us toi take advantage of their local network to facilitate market penetration.


Partnership with car manufacturer for engine and software editor for crash. Currently under final negotiations for 2 pilote micro-factories in 2 different african countries in 2018.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Gael Lavaud Founder & CEO 15 years of automotive innovation
Emeric Bouteiller CTO mechanics 15 years of automotive competition mechanical design
Mark Duboc CTO composites 20 years of composites design and manufacture

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