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Real estate owners miss out on tens of thousands of Euros every year because the abundant energy in the warm exhaust air from restaurants is not recovered at all. The professional real estate owner companies are well aware of this problem and how its solution could bring about huge monetary gain. Enjay’s original founders Jesper and Nils were asked time and again if their air cleaning equipment could make the recovery of this energy possible and had to answer: No, sorry.”


A meeting with the largest technical consultancy firm in Sweden about three years ago made the two founders realize how huge the market is for a product that solves the heat recovery problem. They had the ventilation know-how, knew they had to think outside of the box and discovered that a powerful natural force, condensation, had never been used for this purpose. Enter Bengt- Göran Karlsson, technical physicist. Together, they carefully designed, empirically tested and finally constructed Lepido, the first heat recovery unit that reliably survives the hostile commercial kitchen environment with its grease and soot. Lepido is now poised to start recovering hundreds of thousands of kWhs. From every commercial kitchen. Every year.

Market size and analysis

There are approximately 1.5 million restaurants in the cold markets of Western Europe, and half of them are considered potential targets for Lepido. The current average estimate sales price is 40,000 €, entailing an initial market of 30 billion Euro. Furthermore, it is cold in America and Asia, too.


Enjay decided to install the full scale prototype at Burger King, the franchise that is considered a hopeless case by the whole ventilation industry. The full scale test has been running for a year and continues to deliver great results. Visiting the site with potential customers has been paramount in getting two of Sweden’s largest real estate owners, Stena Fastigheter (8th largest) and Vasakronan (2nd largest), to sign contracts for pilotinstallations with a total invoice value of 1.9 million SEK. Enjay are also in the process of discussing with Fortifikationsverket (largest), ICA and Fortum, to name a few of the other potential customers in the sales funnel.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Jesper Wirén 25 years market experience, one prior exit within the industry, entrepreneur
Nils Lekeberg M. Sc. Business Admin former Marketing Manager Ford Sweden with responsibility for both sales and marketing
Bengt-Göran Karlsson M. Sc. Technical Physics industry spearhead in heat pump know-how

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