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Cellulose flakes for thermal insulation are produced today in dedicated plants with a relatively high fixed investment required. Base material is recycled newsprint with a significant percentage (>15%) of blank paper. Boron salts are a product with several hazards and are required to provide flame retardant and anti mold properties. Material is stored in plastic bags of relatively low density with high transportation cost. Final installation activity requires one dedicated resource, working in a dusty environment, to continuously refill a blowing machine.


Enerpaper’s solution is based on reels of 100% recycled paper impregnated with specific chemicals, and produced by outsourced paper mills. Material is provided in high density reels. Those reels are flaked during installation through a dedicated blowing machine. Enerpaper’s innovative approach allows substantial improvements in each part of chain of value: a) high scalability with strong reduction of capex associated, leveraging on paper mill industry with relatively “infinite” capacity and high margins; b) -50% chemicals with elimination of boron salts and residual inks; c) strong reduction both in storage (-80%) and in transportation needs; d) up to -40% workload reduction for refilling and improvement of workplace health; e) -40% material with better thermal insulation of more than 10%, thanks to optimized density; f) -30% of overall production costs; g) 50% reduction of LCA (CO2) thanks to the lower density

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

Enerpaper enjoys a significant cost advantage over existing products and is able to protect these advantages through an international patent (PCT/IB2016/052287).
1) The company produces insulation with best-in-class thermal efficiency performance while using only half the amount of material.
2) The company’s use of recycled fiber to produce new paper (vs. the competitors’ use of flaked waste paper) leads to significantly lower chemical usage (including a complete elimination of the use of Boron salts) and printing inks, lowering costs but which are also viewed as significant environmental and customer safety benefits.
3) Manufacture and sale of reels vs. bags results in substantially lower transportation costs.
4) Enerpaper’s use of third-party manufacturing partners (in an industry with significant excess production capacity) allows the company to take seek out low-cost producers and and maintain a low fixed-cost structure

Market size and analysis

The global thermal insulation market is an $18 billion industry (Frost & Sullivan). While polyurethane, polystyrene and mineral wool represent the largest market shares, the cellulose segment (12%) has demonstrated the highest annual growth rates in recent years. In response to aggressive building code requirements, building certification and rating programs, and changing consumer preference, the market is demanding more easy-to-install, environmentally-friendly insulation products with greater moisture and fire resistance. Enerpaper’s 100% recycled, cellulose fiber, blow-in insulation is uniquely positioned to meet the market’s demands.


Marketing activity launched by Italian Distributor in December on Edilportale (specialized magazine). In the first 3 days after publishing over 590 contacts for request of information by a wide range of players of building sector (installers, architects, construction companies etc.)

Core Team

Current team is a unique combination of both Sales, Market, Product Technicalities and Strategy expertise
First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Davide Contu Engineer Experience in start-up
Giandomenico Re Engineer Experience in strategic consultancy
Marina Pelissero Engineer Experience in energy efficiency

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

As of today the Venture is self financing. Enerpaper needs capital to be able to accelerate activities, in particular to address more markets with the scouting and then the financial of the commercial entry (e.g. for blowing machines)

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