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Trends in corporate real estate promote an increasing demand of open space office space that are not fit to provide the user with the level of privacy demanded. Existing acoustic absorbing products are inflexible in its application and can implicate health hazards due to high VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and emerging fibers that cause lung damages. Most existing products are not using post consumer content in manufacturing and are not recycled.


By upcycling of 74 PET per sqm, ECHOJAZZ manufacturers acoustic absorbers that are more ecological, robust, lighter and flexible in its application than any other comparable product.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

The material looks and feels like natural wool felt with the outstanding properties of thermoplastic: the material is easily trimmed, screwed or die-cut. ECHOJAZZ offers a unique range of 20 colors. It manufacturers over 200 ready-made products in its facility in Switzerland and consults architects and interior designers with customized solutions applying algorithmic description of designs allowing the precise adaptation of the design and acoustic effect to spatial conditions on site.

Market size and analysis

The interior-fitout-acoustic market is divided into acoustic building materials that are fix-installed by the builders, as well as the flexible and modular acoustic products supplied by the furniture companies. ECHOJAZZ can serve both industries at the same time.
In a typical open-plan office, budgets for acoustic absorber products (ceiling, walls, partitions) hold account for 150-250€ per sqm depending on the level of sophistication. With 8.3M sqm transacted in Europe in 2016, the total market volume for acoustic products accounts for at least 120M€.


ECHOJAZZ focuses on the European market, distributing its products through a network of acoustic consultants and resellers. A diverse and large client network of MNCs with estimated sales totalling >2.5 M€ in 2017.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Sven Erni CEO 15 years experience in business development in corporate interior architecture and fit-out industry
Christoph Nadelhaft COO 16 years experience in corporate finance and project management at UBS

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