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Companies struggle to execute their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategies and lack tools to quantify and communicate sustainability efforts. Ten years ago, only about a dozen Fortune 500 companies issued a CSR or sustainability report. Now the majority of companies not only issue reports but consider sustainability a core part of making their business pro table and becoming or staying market leaders. In addition, in Europe there are new directives in place that make non- nancial reporting mandatory (Directive 2014/95/EU).


Ducky utilize web technologies to encourage individuals to live more sustainability. It is designed for corporations to engage their customers and employees in their sustainability strategy on a large scale. Ducky disseminates and applies the latest climate research to raise awareness and educate individuals. Users can easily visualize and quantify how their daily activities impact their carbon footprint and get personalized advice on how tolerable lifestyle changes will reduce their footprint. We deliver three services; Ducky Business, Ducky School and Ducky Data. Ducky Business and Ducky School engages employees and students using a time limited challenge in which users compete in teams to save the most CO2 emissions by logging everyday sustainable activities. Ducky Data provides climate information services to companies to inform and engage customers in sustainable choices when purchasing goods.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

The Ducky services are the result of a user centred innovation process, involving researchers in climate psychology, climate communication and climate data, as well as designers, developers and extensive user testing.

Market size and analysis

The fortune 500 companies in UK and US alone spend over US$15 billion dollars annually on CSR activities3. The overall picture portrays a generally strong willingness to pay for CSR measures globally. In Norway alone there are more than 600 corporations (250+ employees), whereas in the EU there are more than 44 000 corporations. With mandatory environmental reporting being introduced in the EU in 2017, the regulatory environment is a key business driver for Ducky.The market for Ducky School is approximately 450 high schools in Norway alone.


2016: 5 pilot projects with 4 companies - IKEA Norway, Yara, Enova and Trøndelag County. Avg. contract value ~500 000 NOK. 2017: Finalized our off the shelf services. In total 23 000 hours at a value of 11 MNOK have been invested by Ducky employees. Signed contracts with Elkjøp Nordic, EC Dahls and two schools. Currently there are 10 offers in nal stage. Expected total value of ~5 000 000 NOK.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Mads Simonsen CEO Engineer with 7 years’ experience in product development in the oil industry
Silje Solberg UX Manager 6 years’ experience in complex user centred development
Bogdan Glogovac Biologist 8 years’ experience in environmental communication

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

2018: 5% Norwegian market share, 15 MNOK 2019: 15% Norwegian market share, 45 MNOK 2020: 30% Norwegian market share, 90 MNOK. + Enter EU

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