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Current demand for electric vehicles cannot be met by global material supply of for example cobalt and nickel, leading to increased prices and prohibiting a global move to a green economy.
Cheaper, more readily available materials are available, but currently do not meet the performance demands in both the required lifetime as in the battery capacity.


By coating battery materials with a nanometer thin coating we have proven that we can enhance the lifetime of inexpensive battery materials such that they become viable for using in automotive applications, effectively decreasing costs for lithium-ion battery manufacturers by a factor 5. Our patented equipment is unique in handling the quantities needed for the large megafactories (> 1 Tonne / hour processing), at a cost that is a factor 10 less than our main competitor. Revenue is generated through 70 % margins on equipment sales, as well as through licence revenues on products & technology. Customer lock-in is through a servicing model integrated in the licence.

Market size and analysis

The market for lithium-ion raw battery materials is worth approx. 3 Bn Euro at > 140 000 tonne material / year, which will grow to 500 000 tonne material / year in 2025. Main growth is in China, where our technology is patent protected. By 2025 Delft IMP’s coating equipment will be an integral part of battery production megafactories, coating 20 % of all raw battery materials.
After establishing ourselves in the battery market we expect to expand to fuel cell and lighting applications where nanocoatings also provide a strong benefit, unlocking another 8 Bn Euro market.


Currently we are engaged with all major players in the raw battery material market, and have commitment for pilot-scale coating validation with key players.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Dr. Bart van Limpt Company Lead 2nd startup, 10+ years development experience, 8+ patents
Prof. Jacob Moulijn Strategy 3rd startup, 700+ publications, experienced industry consultant
Ir. Aris Goulas Project Lead 6+ years experience on technology

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