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The Cloud is built over an inefficient centralized architecture. A paradigm where one data-center serves millions of users does not exploit inter-connectivity of nodes, and is therefore expensive, both for the wallet and for the environment. Web farms around the world consume about as much as Brazil, and these costs are transferred both to Users (~100$/Year/TB for cloud storage) and Companies (web services are expensive, ex. CDN ~6 $c/ stream GB).


Cubbit is the first data-center that does not need any centralized server farm. Cubbit is an IoT device that leverages on existing inter-connectivity infrastructures to crowd-source the first distributed data-center: from one web farm for all, to small servers in everybody’s home or office. Our technology changes the way we experience the Cloud. Users get the first forever-free Cloud Storage, while companies can count on cheaper and boosted Web Services, such as content-delivering (CDN), cloud computing, hosting.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

1 We offer forever-free Cloud Storage to acquire new Users (people and SMEs); 2 Each user grows our distributed data-center with bandwidth, storage and CPU; 3 Then we monetize - by selling web services enabled by our crowd-sourced data-center.

Market size and analysis

Cloud Storage, introduced in 2007, is in its growth phase. In 2016 it was worth $23,7B, and CAGR to 2020 is expected at 28,20%. Though, the freemium conversion rate is stuck at 4%.
With our Free Cloud model, we want to have on the industry the same impact that Hotmail had
twenty years ago as the first e-mail service with no fees for the final users.

Among the market of Web Services, Content Delivery Network (CDN) services were sold for $6.05B in 2016 and are expected to grow to 2021 at 30.9%CAGR.
Netflix, the king of streaming, is estimated to spend ~70% of its revenues in CDN. They are now building their own edge infrastructure. We are creating, for free, a more permeated network that is rentable by all other players in the industry.


We have just been selected by the leading Italian Telco for its open-innovation program: TIM #WCap. We are studying how to embed our technology into the millions of consumer home routers they manage. Cubbit technology has just been proofed by our Alpha Test, that involved 48 proto-Cubbit activated in 4 European cities. Our Team has been able to raise €115k equity-free. We won the Italian National Prize for Innovation 2016 and we have run an acceleration program with VC partner Barcamper Ventures in spring 2017 .

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Marco Moschettini Co-Founder full stack developer coding innovative software for 10+ years
Lorenzo Posani Co-Founder data scientist and theoretical physicists at École Normale Supérieure Paris
Alessio Paccoia and software engineer

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