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In Big Pharma it takes over 12 years to bring a new drug to market and costs over $1billion. Promising leads are found to be toxic very late in the development cycle leading to inefficiency in drug development and overall R&D ROI of less than 5%. In the organic materials space, industrial chemical processes remain un-optimized and costly to improve.


Our software brings machine learning and big data to the chemical and Pharma industry, allowing them to model accurate reaction metrics for the design, prediction and understanding of chemical processes. We achieve this using custom databases to design new drugs, materials and repurpose molecules across-domains. Discoveries using our software show an ROI of up to 9:1 and we have demonstrated chemical approaches to tackle climate change at scale.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

The new science behind our software, its computational speed and its SaaS cloud-based implementation has the potential to make chemical modelling available to hundreds of thousands of non-expert chemists. We have freedom to operate and our proprietary IP is protected.

Market size and analysis

The chemical R&D market across pharma, materials and fine chemicals is $260 billion p.a., with 8% spent directly on computation. The proportional spend on computing tools is expected to double by 2020. Globally, over 800k chemical professionals would benefit from applying ChemAlive software in their daily work.


2017 is the first year of operations, with 4 contracts and revenue to date of CHF 100k. In addition, we are active in 3 pilot projects. We have deployed our beta module on-line with 30+ institutions trailing the interface. We have been awarded a Swiss government grant worth 750k that will start in Jan 2018 which will be used to expand the scope of applications of our product suite.

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

We have secured CHF 320k FFF and a further CHF 500k in non-dilutive funding, including from Climate-KIC. We have been awarded a CHF 750k grant for development work and are seeking a 20% equity investment of up to CHF 1 million to accelerate our market penetration and further develop our product suite.

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