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Today architects in the early planning phase lack information on the energy performance of their building design. They depend on energy consultants who need weeks to give feedback on the energy performance of the building design & fulfilment of regulations, due to laborious manual data inputting and only come on board once major design decisions have already been made. All this leads to inefficient processes and suboptimal building designs.


With CAALA architects receive real-time feedback while designing the building. In this way, the building is energetically optimized right from the beginning and not later in detailed planning stages when changes are expensive and difficult to implement.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

Workflow integration and usability without expert background knowledge as well as speed (calculations are done in <1sec) are our key differentiators. The gathered price information entered by our users continues to improve the quality of price predictions (big data, machine learning) and leveraging our 1rst -mover advantage.

Market size and analysis

€3b market in Europe. Germany (€500m) is an ideal market to start CAALA since it is highly fragmented, quality and transparency are major concerns for our users and regulations become stricter at an accelerated pace. Key facts: There are 13.000 energy consultants doing 400.000 projects per year.


Our Beta-Version of the SaaS is being used by >100 pilot customers. So far we have done 3 paid energy consulting projects and we have 2 more in the pipeline (>€20.000 revenue).

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