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Aqua Robur


Water scarcity and ageing water infrastructure are fast-growing global issues. In 2050, regions which accounts for 45% of the global GDP will suffer a lack of 40% of the water need or more (Global Water Intelligence, 2017). Today, 20-30% of produced fresh water is lost due to leakage in the water pipelines. Public water pipelines are designed to last no more than 100 years but current renewal rates are around 0,4-0,5% in many countries. On top of this, water utilities lack effective & efficient tools for collecting information about their pipelines in order to get data driven investment decisions.
In order to detect leakages and water with poor quality today, wireless measurement systems are being installed throughout the pipe network. However, the greatest hinders to this development is lack of proper power supply and efficient wireless communication for the remotely located devices. Today’s solutions are expensive and inconvenient.


Bringing everything together - Aqua Robur Technologies presents the next generation of IoT system which is a self- powering sensor platform with build in state of the art LoRa-WAN wireless communication. The product is placed at various places along the water pipeline to detect deviations regarding water flow, pressure and other parameters. The energy harvester unit is a patent- pending technology transforming a small part of the energy in the water flow into electricity and external sensors are easily connected to the Infinity Hub. Collected data is either visualized at Aqua Robur’s dashboard or transferred to the customers current system for visualization and analysis via an API. The Infinity Hub is developed to meet the needs of the modern remote measurement strategy, which strives towards real time data transfer and high sensor density. The great benefits of Aqua Robur’s technology are that sensors can be placed anywhere in the network and collecting real-time data during a very long time, 8 years+, which stands in contrast to the battery powered solutions which can run for a couple of months with a similar setup. The system is now adopted by several paying customers in Sweden.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

The milestones to be fulfilled during the next value adding step from Q1, 2018 are primarily: 1) Execute internationalization strategy. 2) Validate all parts of the newly added digital part of the value offering. 3) Industrialize technology, currently at TRL 6. Investment opportunity is €700 000, valuation TBA.

Market size and analysis

The European market for sensors & automation/control in the municipal water sector is 5,2 USD yearly (Global Water Intelligence, 2017). The length of the pipeline network for drinking water in the Europe region is more than 4 500 000km in total, equal to 710 turn around the equator. A moderate setup would indicate on a sensor node every 10km which would give a market of 450 000 units in total with a value of 1,7 billion USD with a product value of 3 000 USD (Aqua Robur, 2017).

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Niklas Johansson CEO A purposeful growth strategist with a great rapport with Aqua Robur’s customers and partners. Niklas holds a MSc at the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers.
Martin Holm CTO Has unique skills when it comes to turning customer demands into brilliant products. He holds a MSc in Product Development and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, both from Chalmers University of Technology.

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