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The world produces 3.1 million tonnes of waste feathers from the poultry industry every year. Current disposal options are limited, with poultry processors paying roughly €40/tonne for its removal, after which feathers are converted into a low-grade animal feed. This problem will worsen, as poultry will become the world’s most popular type of meat by 2020.


AEROPOWDER are developing sustainable insulation materials derived from feathers. With a patent pending, feathers are converted into sheets of materials which demonstrate best in class thermal performance for natural insulation materials. The materials also lower the impact of using non-renewable resources to create synthetic insulation.


AEROPOWDER was contacted by a major UK recipe kit delivery company. Trials have been completed demonstrating that the product provides superior thermal performance to existing solutions, keeping items cooled for up to 10 hours longer. Successful manufacturing trials have been completed, and several thousand units can be produced.

Core Team

First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Elena Dieckmann Co-founder and technical director MSc. at Imperial College/Dyson School
Ryan Robinson Co-Founder and commercial director PhD from Imperial College

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