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The environmental cost of synthetic packaging materials is becoming increasingly apparent to society as a whole. pluumo provides an environmentally friendly option to thermally insulate deliveries, replacing the commonly used expanded polystyrene type materials.

In turn, the world produces 3.1 million tonnes of waste feathers from the poultry industry every year. Current disposal options are limited, with poultry processors paying roughly €40/tonne for its removal, after which feathers are converted into a low-grade animal feed.


Feathers are converted into sheets of materials which demonstrate best in class thermal performance for natural insulation materials. Wrapping the feather insulation material into a compostable liner, we have created pluumo. ( It can be placed inside delivery boxes to keep the contents cool overnight during shipping to an end user. Given its composition, it has far improved end of life options compared to conventional insulation material, and is made from surplus feathers it also embraces the spirit of the circular economy in its creation.

Uniqueness, Technology overview, barriers to competition

There are no other feather based thermal insulation material on the market. It possesses best in class thermal performance for a natural material. We can therefore compete with synthetic insulation material in terms of performance and do so while having much improved environmental credentials.

Market size and analysis

60 Million speciality shipments per year in the world that require thermal insulation of a type that pluumo could be used with. Global thermal packaging market is worth $30 billion.


We have already begun selling repeated orders to our first customer, a butcher in Oxford. We have had discussions with major food delivery companies including those in the meal kit, confectionary and takeaway spaces about the potential of using our product, with some of these progressing to testing trials.

Core Team

Our team has been recognised with various awards, including the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Award 2016, Varsity Pitch competition winners (2016) and an InnovateUK INFOCUS Women in Innovation Award (2017). We have also be featured as Echoing Green Climate Fellows (2017) and are on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List for Social Entrepreneurs.
First Name Last Name Job Title Impressive Facts
Elena Dieckmann Co-founder and technical director MSc. at Imperial College/Dyson School
Ryan Robinson Co-Founder and commercial director PhD from Imperial College

Ask, use of proceeds, milestones

We are looking for £300,000 at the end of 2018 to enable us to scale up manufacturing to meet anticipated demand. We aim to be producing around 50,000 units to satisfy the needs of 3-4 medium sized companies and to demonstrate our ability to automise our production process. We have identified key supply and manufacturing parents who can enable us to carry this out. The funding will be used to directly fund the manufacturing run, as well as some key hires and marketing budget.

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