Become a climate innovator by joining our Ph.D. added value programme

The Climate-KIC Ph.D. added value programme aims at developing the next generation of climate innovators. The programme has been developed to provide doctorates with valuable additional skills to foster their entrepreneurial thinking.

By becoming a Climate-KIC Ph.D. candidate, you also have the opportunity to get involved in the European-wide network of our Climate-KIC community and develop valuable contacts for your professional future.


The added value courses are designed to support but not disrupt the focus on your Ph.D. work.

For this reason the elements of Ph.D. added value programme are concentrated to form blocks rather than stretching over a longer period of time.

Students accepted into our Ph.D. added value programme will be participating in the following Climate-KIC arranged activities:

Students will also have access to

  • Business coaching
  • Greenhouse funding (business model incubation support)
  • Climate-KIC Innovation Festival
  • Our community and its activities
  • The Climate-KIC Alumni network



Upon completion of your Ph.D. research and participation in the additional Climate-KIC programme elements listed above, you will be awarded a Climate-KIC Ph.D. certificate.

All of the selected project proposals are supporting one the following thematic challenge areas:

  • Urban Transitions: We develop the integrated, interoperable, scalable and replicable systemic solutions to underpin the carbon-negative, responsive, resilient cities of the future.
  • Sustainable Production Systems: Low-carbon value chains based on the circular economy and bio-economy are the future foundation of Europe’s industry.
  • Decision Metrics and Finance: Decision-makers, investors and high-carbon consumers are confident and committed to climate action, unlocking finance and driving the climate relevant economy.
  • Sustainable Land Use: Land use climate mitigation and adaptation functions strengthened through innovative tools and systems that articulate new value chains and contribute to green growth.

Influential qualifications

Climate-KIC offers you career-enhancing qualifications of the highest quality designed to extend and deepen your knowledge.

Career advancement

We provide you with unrivalled professional opportunities. Our combined network of academic institutions and innovative corporations is a unique opportunity to realise your career aspirations and extend your professional contacts.

Commercial know-how

You always have great ideas, but lack the skills to actually make them become real? We teach you the right set of skills to be able to commercialise your climate change idea.

Personal development

Are you tired of standardised education and would like to be able to sharpen your own vision for climate change innovation? We are dedicated to help you explore and realise your own vision for climate change innovation through mentoring and practical support.

Network and community

You become part of an unprecedented, active and influential network of entrepreneurs, businesses, regional governments and academic institutions.

Graduates automatically become members of the Climate-KIC Alumni Association. Here you will receive access to the other community resources (entrepreneurship support, research opportunities, networks with our partners).

You will also be the first to receive opportunities from within our community including job opportunities, research and innovation projects and start-up matching.

How can I apply?

Unfortunately this application has been closed already. Please stay informed by our website as the upcoming application rounds will be announced here.


  • Applicants must be enrolled at the time of application as Ph.D.s within one of Climate-KIC’s partner university. At least one of the supervisors must hold a full academic position at one of the Climate-KIC academic partner institutions and be tenured for the complete period of the project. This person should fulfill the national and local criteria for eligibility to act as a Ph.D. supervisor
  • Funding for the Ph.D. project must be secured at the time of application (pending decisions are not sufficient)
  • The duration of the Ph.D. funding must allow the student to fully attend all of the label activities during the remaining time of his or her Ph.D. funding period. It is assumed that 2 years are the minimum time needed for doing this (N.B.: Ph.D.s who have already participated in The Journey can apply at a later stage)
  • The Ph.D. project has to thematically fit into one of Climate-KIC’s eight thematic challenges (see programme page)
  • The Ph.D. supervisor has to co-sign the proposal and thereby agree to the full label activities attendance of the Ph.D. student