A community of the most influential players in the climate change space

Climate-KIC is the most credible and practical climate change network in Europe. We bring together the most influential and commercially-minded players in the climate change space and focus on activities that address a real demand.

Our public partners range from local city councils to national research centres and are united in their objective to not only effectively combat climate change, but also generate prosperity across Europe with global impact.

Climate-KIC’s public, business and university partners collaborate on innovation projects that identify, develop and bring to market climate-change adaption and mitigation technologies.  We provide high-quality support through funding, coaching and training.

Our networks facilitate collaboration between public institutions and some of Europe’s most prestigious universities and influential business market leaders and SME’s in this space. We give partners the opportunity to become active in a diverse and influential community and share the purpose of bringing about truly meaningful change.

We help our community establish strategically vital partnerships; identify new innovative opportunities to bring their organisation to the forefront of Europe’s effort to effectively combat climate change.

We can help public bodies within our community to:


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