Climate-KIC Start-up Tour 2013

19-26 November, Silicon Valley (USA)

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Silicon Valley

The destination of the Climate-KIC Start-up Tour 2013 is Silicon Valley. In nine days, you will get a crash course clean-tech entrepreneurship in the world’s leading innovation hotspot. You will pitch at the Clean Tech Open Global Forum (20-21 November), at clean tech Venture Capital firms like Khosla Ventures and DBL, as well as at Google HQ for Google Ventures. We will visit places like SfunCube, the solar incubator in Oakland and plenty of start-ups in the area.

For whom

This trip is for start-up founders that have a good reason to look outside of Europe for opportunities. You want to explore market opportunities in the USA, find customers and partners and explore investments opportunities. You are able to talk and pitch freely about your product or service. And you’re eager to learn about the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley. Join us with a team of two: the tech founder and the business founder.


Climate-KIC will provide a few basic elements of the programme, but you will arrange most of your own meetings. This is not ‘innovation tourism’. You can’t sit back and relax: it’s going to be a ‘hands on’ programme. You’re an entrepreneur, after all.


Your preparations: September – October

Preparatory meeting: 17 – 18 October in Copenhagen

Silicon Valley Start-up Tour: 19 – 26 November

Your Preparation

To make the most of this trip, you will need to come very well prepared. We expect you to do market research for your product in California/USA and to make a list of at least 30 people that you would like to meet during the tour. You’ll be required to prepare your investor slide deck, your ’email pitch’, and both  a one minute as a five minute pitch. We’ll expect you to share your preparations within the group.


All participants arrange their own travel to San Francisco and sustenance while there. Climate-KIC takes care of costs for in- and outbound flight, hotel costs, event costs, car rental and group lunches and dinners within set maximum boundaries.


The start-up tour was open to all European climate innovation start-ups that are -in terms of maturity- are at least in stage two of the Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme. The Climate-KIC Entrepreneurship team have selected  16 start-ups for this year’s tour. The application process is closed.

More information

For more information contact Naomi Zeilemaker on +31 644 199 308 or e-mail her at .