Ph.D. Summer School: Energy Transition in Frankfurt

1 - 12 September 2014, Germany

Take part in this year’s two-week Climate-KIC thematic Ph.D. Summer School ‘Energy Transition in Frankfurt: Overcoming Barriers to Change’.

This two-week intensive programme will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and address the challenges of the transformation of Frankfurt’s local energy system. The summer school is organized by the Climate-KIC partner Provadis School in close collaboration with the City of Frankfurt, the TU Darmstadt and the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

We are open for applications! You can find a summary of all relevant information here.

Follow-up of the first Ph.D. Summer School

The first Climate-KIC Ph.D. Summer School was successfully launched around the theme of “Making Transitions Happen” last autumn. 36 Ph.D. students from 20 different European universities came together in September 2013 in Frankfurt am Main to learn and support the vision of the city to transform its energy system by 2050 to 100% renewable energy.

Programme overview

Because of the great success of this innovative event, this vision and objective will also be the guiding theme for the upcoming, second Climate KIC thematic Ph.D. Summer School in 2014 in Frankfurt. As the Masterplan 100% climate protection will be adopted in May this year, the forthcoming edition of the Ph.D. Summer School will focus on the implementation of this Masterplan.

The topics during the Ph.D. Summer School will be:

  • developing new financial models
  • initiating change in urban districts (area experiments)
  • mobilising a community (user engagement)

Based in Frankfurt-Höchst at Provadis School, the participating Ph.D. students will attend lectures, workshops, excursions and discussions; meet world renown experts, visit companies as well as city representatives and enjoy leisure activities showcasing the sights and tastes of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main-Region.

Connecting people and ideas

The Summer School is renown to be a busy and well-coordinated programme – but it is not just about delivering knowledge, it is also about connecting people and ideas.

Connecting Ph.D. students from around the globe, the Summer School is also a hub for new ideas with interdisciplinary approaches. Combining knowledge from the disciplines of engineering, architecture, economics, urban planning, environmental science –last year’s group presented itself as very diverse and we are looking forward to reach a similar group of participants this year.

Application & Information Pack

This two-week Summer School takes place from 1 – 12 July 2014. You can download the information pack (PDF) for a detailed course overview, but unfortunately the final deadline has already passed.