EIT Climate-KIC Flagship Programme on Forests and Associated Value Chains Workshop

23-24 January, Brussels

EIT Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme is preparing to outline the priorities of the flagship programme ‘Forests and Associated Value Chains’. This scoping workshop is a key step in setting the scene for the flagship. We invite all partners and external parties who are interested in taking part in this flagship to attend this workshop. This is the opportunity to demonstrate that Europe can develop solutions to increase the impact of forests and forestry activities for adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Increase impact of forest-related innovation

The main objectives of this workshop are:
1. To exchange on the main challenges faced by forests, forestry and derived bio-based sectors in Europe in relation to climate change;
2. To refine EIT Climate-KIC’s the theory of change regarding forestry, and related issues, and derive the main priorities for this programme for years to come;
3. To engage in meaningful dialogue with non-KIC partners such as European institutions and forest-related organizations and identify potential synergies as well as potential co-funding of some activities to be developed in the frame of the flagship programme;
4. To create main opportunities and conditions for the successful implementation of this flagship programme.

Systemic Approach

This flagship is a great opportunity to consolidate the projects EIT Climate-KIC has started in the areas of land use, wood construction and bio-circular-economy in previous years and to develop an integrated and systemic approach to enhancing the roles of forests in tackling and adapting to climate change. Such a systemic approach can be made more meaningful if other institutions join and contribute to the effort. That is why EIT Climate-KIC is interested in bringing together its partners with external stakeholders from different backgrounds to shape the contents of this programme.

Creating synergies

This flagship programme also aims to create synergies across project forest-related related activities developed in the frame of EIT Climate-KIC start-up accelerator and education programmes.

Programme – Draft Version

See below for an overview of the draft version of the programme. Click here for the full programme.

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Venue: EIT House – 7 Rue Guimard, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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