Executive Education – Creating Sustainable Cities

At Climate-KIC our vision is to become the leading global centre of excellence in climate innovation. It is therefore our mission to educate, inspire and empower current and future leaders for catalysing the creation of a sustainable low carbon society.

In a pilot series of four workshops, participants were challenged to integrate the technological and commercial expertise in the private sector with that of the public sector focusing on the topic of sustainable cities.

The Course was launched end of 2014 and finished in February 2015 with a final presentation with the first 30 participants in London. 8 new ideas linked to improving life in cities and reducing carbon emissions were created. The course took place in Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and London. Working on the core challenges of sustainable city systems this will be channelled through
an entrepreneurial curriculum with systems thinking.

The course equips participants with a thorough understanding how to accelerate their ideas in order to reduce time-to-market for new products and services, offering a holistic approach to transition management with an entrepreneurial curriculum, interactive workshops, relevant site visits and plenty of networking opportunities.

During the fourth module of the course, the participants learn best-practice for executing sustainability projects. The module includes discussions on business model for sustainability and well as the individual role the participant and the organisation will have in making it happen.

The course is created with the support of Climate KIC’s partner network – DTU Copenhagen, Imperial College London, Institute for Sustainability, CDC Climat, City Port of Rotterdam.

In this pilot series of four workshops, 25 participants from around Europe were challenged to integrate the technological and commercial expertise in the private sector with that of the public sector. The course focusses on sustainable cities.

After an introduction to transition management and some best practice examples in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the participants met again in Copenhagen to gain insights in the topic of value proposition.

The programme in Paris focused on target markets, with the final sessions taking place in the Siemens owned and operated The Crystal sustainable cities showcase complex in London this weekend.

Pilot programme with high-level speakers

The course is a pilot of Climate-KIC’s executive education offerings, which are going to be fully rolled out in the second half of 2015.

The pilot included a number of renowned speakers in the field of sustainable cities and transition management like professor Derk Loorbach, who is the director of the Dutch Research Institute For Transitions (DRIFT) and Professor of socio-economic transitions at the Faculty of Social Science at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Frank G. Rieck, chairman of the Dutch Innovation Centre for Electric Road Transport (D-Incert).

The majority of the world’s population lives in a city and the prospect of this trend will only intensify more so focusing on sustainable solutions for urban life is of paramount importance. We want to make transitions happen and ask you to help us shape this education offering with your own learning experience.

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