Start-up moves Europe’s energy performance ratings into the cloud

Cypriot start-up Enermap is moving the scattered energy performance data of European buildings into the cloud and making it available for use in popular applications such as Google Maps; unearthing new factors for consumers to include in their purchasing considerations – and new opportunities for businesses to show-off their green infrastructures.

“People should be able to look for an energy efficient apartment to rent – or a green hotel – without having to go through bureaucratic procedures,” says Enermap founder Alexandros Charalambides, whose company won a €95.000 grant at Climate-KIC’s start-up festival Open Innovation Slam in November 2012.

Scattered information

Although the European Union has agreed on a common energy certification policy, the implementation is done at national – and sometimes regional or local – government levels. “In some countries, the information is not even available electronically,” Charalambides revealed, pointing out the main challenge faced by Enermap: Getting hold of the – what should be publicly available – information.

Enermap, a European collaboration of researchers at Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus-based Open Box Communication and Nieuwland, a Dutch consultancy, is currently talking to EU governments to try and gather as much information as possible. “Technology-wise we are good to go, it is the data that we need,” Charalambides said.

Climate-KIC support

Climate-KIC’s support has been invaluable in getting access to the right people at the EU and national levels, emphasised Charalambides, “Before Climate-KIC, we were just a few guys from Cyprus and The Netherlands. Now they take us seriously.”

“It would not have been possible to secure initial funding without Climate-KIC’s help,” adds Charalambides, who went on to praise Climate-KIC’s non-bureaucratic approach. Aside from Climate-KIC’s financial support, Charalambides and his colleagues are now taking part in Climate-KIC Master Classes all over Europe, and receive business coaching and mentoring from Climate-KIC’s London office.

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