Developing pioneers at the cutting edge of climate innovation

Lighting up the city of Wroclaw

Green technology consultant Cezary Lejkowski successfully completed the Climate-KIC pioneers into practise programme in Lower Silesia, Poland.  As a pioneer, he was placed in Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Ltd where he was developing a system of illumination management for the city of Wroclaw based on light-emitting diode technology (LED) within a lighting for cities project.

The programme gave Cezary the opportunity to engage with the Climate-KIC community to tap into the climate change expertise to help up-scale his skills in the lighting project. The programme helped Cezary to expand his company focus from Polish to include Scandinavian countries and other EU states:  “The Pioneers into Practice programme exposed me to new thinking and innovation connected with short and long-term European climate strategies. The experience gathered and the connections made have opened new ideas and business strategies”.  Cezary Lejkowski, WRC EIT+ Poland.

As a result of the completion of the programme, Cezary was contracted by EIT+ to create new department on Climate Change and Energy, which he is currently coordinating.

Sharing expertise

Cezary has taken the lighting project to another level by developing a joint illumination system with Lower Silesian institutions, such as  the Municipality of Wroclaw, Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, University of Wroclaw and several regional SMEs. As a result, the project was proposed to the IBM Smarter Cities challenge.

At EIT+, Cezary coordinates currently not only the new department but also the delivery of the Climate-KIC activities in Lower Silesia. He is also member of the RIC Steering Group representing Lower Silesia. Cezary leads on innovation  projects in the region.  Therefore the knowledge and skills he gained during the programme are being shared with the wider Climate-KIC community and future pioneers.