Business opportunities for sustainable biogas production

Conventional biogas production processes are not only lacking in sustainability, they also involve high costs. The Biogas2Market approach, is innovative,  adds to sustainable development and offers great business opportunities at the same time.

The climate change issue

Conventional biogas production chains, including the cultivation of raw materials, leakage conversion and storage systems; lead to the emission of strong greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrogen oxide. They can therefore hardly be called sustainable, considering their environmental impacts.  They are not an attractive business offer, as the costs for investment and raw material are high and the biogas market price is relatively low. Significant financial governmental support is still required to make the traditional biogas production market competitive.       

The project solution

Innovative optimisation and implementation strategies are necessary to transform conventional digesters into more sustainable biogas-driven biorefinery platforms. Biogas2Market aims to assess these strategies, while exploring the range of possible added-value bio-energy and bio-based products, among which bio-fuel and bio-plastics. BioGas2Market offers a combination of a detailed market analysis of conventional biogas production processes and critical biomass-to-biogas sustainability analyses, including a variety of identified innovation opportunities. Moreover, BioGas2Market gives recommendations on current best-practices and policies to support market implementation of more sustainable biogas production processes.

The most interesting innovation opportunities, including the SMEs involved, will be further addressed in a  follow-up project on a large scale bio economy  planned for 2014.

The role of Climate-KIC

“The Biogas2Market project has profited enormously from the input from the European partners from the Climate-KIC network, representing their institutes, industry and governmental organisations. This helped us to bring together a variety of biogas-related innovation options and best practice concerning both the technical aspects and policy support for sustainable biogas production.” René van Ree, Wageningen University and Research Centre (DLO)