The transition to a zero carbon economy: Everybody can do something!

Climate-KIC’s Harriet van der Weele, speaks to five of Journey students during their pit-stop in the Netherlands.

At the beginning of the Climate-KIC Journey of group five we visited Europe’s largest rooftop urban farm UF002 De Schilde in The Hague, Netherlands.

This week they started the second leg of their journey in Trondheim, Norway. A journey to make sure that the next generation managers and entrepreneurs are climate innovators.

In The Hague I met with five Journey students to ask about their view on how to tackle the big climate challenge at the start of their adventure. Curious to see where they stand in five weeks from now. May I introduce to you: Maxe van Heeswijk, Tessa Leferink, Fardau van der Galien, Robin van Oorschot and Niek Schumacher. the dutchies_small

Getting inspired to act!

They all come from different backgrounds, studying different topics; Industrial Design, Energy Science, Innovation Management, Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics. But they do have one thing in common: Their firm belief that something has got to change, because continuing on the path that we are on is not an option. Neither is it to become overwhelmed or discouraged by that thought. And this common ground is their reason to participate in this programme; to get updated by the latest developments in the area of climate innovation, to hook up with like-minded people and get inspired to act! Because the transition to a zero carbon economy can be made, is already happening and every step, little or big, bottom-up or top-down contributes to speeding up this transition.

Changing our habits

These five future climate innovators have taken on the challenge to openly discuss with their friends, families, fellow students, employers if the development of our society has to be automatically linked to economic growth? Does it really have to be all about money or do other factors like sustainability also deserve a more prominent place in the definition of a healthy and happy society? Can we change our habits; do we turn up the heater or put on a sweater? Everybody can do something: There really are no excuses to make more sustainable choices if we have the willingness to observe our behaviour, question ourselves if it can be done differently, better and act accordingly. Let’s build that zero carbon economy!


About UF002 De Schilde

After Basel, Zurich and Berlin Urban Farmers have recently expanded their revolution to the Netherlands. In The Hague they converted the rooftop of office building De Schilde to such an enormous urban farm that it is the largest in Europe; UF002 De Schilde. It’s not only crisp lettuces and juicy tomatoes that are thriving on the 6th floor; their business includes a fish farm! And all that freshness accompanied with a priceless 360-degree view.

About The Journey

Climate-KIC’s The Journey is the world’s largest climate innovation summer school. It brings together students and young professionals from all over the world. Over the course of 10 weeks, students take part in five-week long courses offering a unique combination of academic study and real-world business experience with the aim of creating the climate change leaders of tomorrow.Within these five weeks, the students visit three different European locations and team up to create compelling cleantech business plans offering solutions to real-world climate related issues.



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