The Venture Competition Birmingham 2015 Begins – Who will make it to the Finals?

Noble Krakani, from Berlin, blogs about the Venture Competition 2015 semi-finals.

This year’s Venture Competition is very exciting and there’s stiff competition. A total of 23 start-ups teams are competing in the semi-finals stage –

  • Adaptricity (Switzerland)nobleblog1
  • Agrilution (Germany)
  • AgroTech by GEIS (Italy)
  • Alchemie Technology (UK)
  • CALTROPe (Hungary)
  • DasData (Romania)
  • Desert Control (Norway)
  • Drying Process (Poland)
  • Ecoglobe (Germany)
  • Fleet Cleaner (Netherlands)
  • IsGreen (Portugal)
  • iZdesign (UK)
  • Leachate Treatment Solutions (Ireland)
  • Mobile Solarkraftwerke Afrika (Germany)
  • Navlandis (Spain)
  • NENUFAR (France)
  • Nerdalize (Netherlands)
  • Ohoo! (UK)
  • OWA (Finland)
  • Plume Labs (France)
  • Repack (Finland)
  • Sympower (Estonia)
  • Zum guten Heinrich (Switzerland)

Out of these only 8 (Desert Control, Ecoglobe, Fleet Cleaner, Leachate Treatment Solutions, Mobile Solarkraftwerke Afrika, Nerdalize, OWA and Sympower) were able to successfully reach the finals after a hard decision by the Jury.

Hero Prins, Climate-KIC Director Entrepreneurship confirms the 8 finalist making it to the Big Final. The winning 8 finalists were very enthusiastic and look forward for the final stage.

The finals begin on the 2nd day (29th October) in which the winner will receive a grand prize of €40,000 in funding, 2nd prize receiving €20,000 in funding and the 3rd prize (audience award)
also receiving €5,000 in funding.


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