Nature Based Solutions – collaboration vital for success

Download the Blue Green Solutions guide HERE.

Over 80 guests attended Climate-KIC’s “Nature Based Solutions for Cities” Forum at CBRE’s headquarters in London last week to celebrate the launch of the Blue Green Solutions Guide, authored by researchers of Imperial College London in partnership with Climate-KIC as well as hear from experts how nature based solutions are already making a difference.

Go natural helps achieving cost saving targets

Nature based solutions for cities not only deliver a more resilient urban environment with a higher quality of life, but also provide solid returns on investments and cost savings, was one of the key messages of the forum.

Go natural projects increase communal spirit

Asa Hellstrom from the City of Malmo focused on community engagement.  Urging everyone to “to not make change happen to people, but to involve people in change”, Hellstrom pointed out that Malmo’s sustainability project quickly turned into a social project with community engagement significantly increasing over the years and city planners incorporating ideas from local citizens into the plans.

Business partnerships make cities greener

Claudine Blamey from the Crown Estate talked about the green infrastructure objectives they have set themselves for their portfolio, which Blamey said could only be met by having an on-going dialogue with businesses.  First successes have been realised already with the creation of additional green space such as green roofs.

Blue green solutions guide will result in city planning step change

Tapping into the multi-functional potential of nature based solutions is the aim behind Imperial College’s Blue Green Solutions project. “The holistic nature of the approach ensures benefits for all stakeholders involved in city planning,” Prof. Cedo Maksimovic summarised. To download the Blue Green Solutions guide please visit

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