Meet our Venture Competition 2014 finalists: ReVibe Energy

Viktor Börjesson, CEO of ReVibe Energy and finalist in this year’s Venture Competition in Valencia, in a Q&A session.

ReVibe Energy offers a new way to power sensors in environments where other alternatives are unreliable, expensive or simply impossible to use.

The products of ReVibe Energy have the ability to transform vibrations into electricity and enable a sustainable and self-sufficient power source which eliminates the need for alternatives being used today.

Took part in which country’s Venture Competition?

The Nordics (based in Copenhagen)








What about your product/service makes it different/unique? How is it related to climate change?

Our technology has the ability to transform vibrations into electricity. The electricity produced can power low current applications, such as sensor systems, and replaces traditional power sources: batteries and cables. Through replacing batteries the technology will have a substantial positive climate impact. 

How are you involved with Climate-KIC?

To the extent that we have participated in the regional finals of the Venture Competition. 

Why did you get involved with Climate-KIC?/ How did this come about?

 We were nominated to enter into the Venture competition by an Incubator from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

What’s the most important lesson that you have learnt from the local competitions that will/did provide useful?

We were surprised by the high level of the participants! We’re expecting even tougher competition in Valencia and we really have to step up our game – and we love a challenge! 

How are you feeling about the upcoming Venture Competition finals in Valencia?

Excited! We’re looking forward to meeting inspiring new people from across Europe and connect with entrepreneurs, researchers, VC’s and the participants from Climate-KIC. And of course, to pitch our venture!  

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