Climate-KIC attends the Swiss Green Economy Symposium 2016

Climate-KIC’s Fabienne Debrunner attended this year’s Swiss Green Economy Symposium and shares her highlights from the event.

On 14 November the Swiss Green Economy Symposium took place in Winterthur under the topic “Transformation and Change – let’s take the chance!”.

The annual symposium brings together representatives from economy, academia and the public sector to share their learnings and discuss the way forward towards a green economy. Therefore, this yearly meeting provides excellent opportunities to broaden Climate-KIC’s innovation community and learn the latest insights from research and industry. This year, more than 800 change makers came together to discuss challenges and opportunities in various fields of sustainability.

Food, tourism, green building, energy, cleantech and finance were some of the topics the high-profile keynote speakers from Swiss economy and politics addressed. Green buildings for instance were defined as buildings which provide the users high comfort and quality, while reducing usage of energy and resources, emitting less carbon dioxide and meeting economic criteria.

Highlight from the event

The highlight of the day was the panel discussion about how Switzerland and the world can advance.

The panelists explained why it is key that actors from the public and the private sector, academics and other stakeholders collaborate and how to set a framework that incentivizes innovation.

To learn how business models of truly sustainable businesses are set up, have a look at this clip.

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