We adopt four sectoral approaches to guide climate innovation and tackle climate change

We identify challenges across sectors and guide climate innovation to provide solutions with most potential for green growth and environmental gain

Urban Transitions

We develop the tools and frameworks for the integrated, sustainable and scalable urban systems that underpin resilient, zero-carbon cities. Download the Urban Transitions theme booklet

Sustainable Production Systems

We develop low-carbon value chains based on the circular economy and bio-economy to build a new, sustainable foundation for Europe’s industry. Download the Sustainable Production Systems theme booklet

Decision Metrics and Finance

We develop and integrate novel metrics, finance and decision-making mechanisms that accelerate and scale up climate action. Download the Decision Metrics and Finance theme booklet

Sustainable Land Use

We accelerate climate-smart agriculture and innovation in the bio-economy to mitigate CO2 and build resilience into global food and forest value chains. Download the Sustainable Land Use theme booklet